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Being an artist has always defined me. When contemplating which path to pursue in life, art was always part of the story. I have explored various mediums, materials, and art in all its forms. The artwork I create today is the culmination of this experience.


Professionally, I worked at the highest level of visual design as a creative director. Personally, my fulfillment comes from creating the unexpected and discovering the beauty that arises when integrating different media. I am captivated by the visual impact that emerges when texture, material, and color harmoniously unite. This fascination fuels my creative journey and inspires me. The result is (what I consider) an innovative technique utilizing light-reflective material combined with layering textures to create elegant and kinetic pieces.


My artwork is influenced by my love for animals and nature, being outdoors, traveling (specifically safaris), and the rich tapestry of my rural Oklahoma upbringing. It is infused with my inclination for distinctive design and modern aesthetic adopted over years of living in the city. Like two contrasting yet vibrant threads woven together, my work is a combination of my past and present experiences.


I aim to captivate viewers with interesting pieces like nothing they’ve seen before. I want to ignite their curiosity with the interplay of color and texture, the solid and the ethereal, the structured and the organic. I want to inspire us all to see art and our surroundings through a fresh lens. 


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